Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pinball Project Launch Presentation

The Presentation

Did you miss anything during the Launch on Friday February 20? Do you want to show your parents what we are up to? Did you forget to write down some of the dates? Maybe you want to see the videos again?

Click this link to go to our Google Slides presentation document.

Other Links

Listed in the presentation are several links, which are listed below for your convenience.
-Mr. Hanns Pinball YouTube playlist
-Education Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) Bring IT Together Conference Presentation Summary (Oct 2014)
-Maker Faire Toronto 2014 project summary (Nov 21-22, 2014)
-Toronto Star Article: Donview at Maker Faire (Nov 23, 2014)

Learning Goal

I will use the creation of a pinball machine to facilitate my learning in my core subject areas for the majority of Term 2, and to develop my learning skills in a group context (particularly Collaboration, Initiative, Responsibility)

Success Criteria

I will know that I have been successful when I have a complete, functioning pinball machine
  • that is structurally and mechanically sound
  • that plays smoothly, and dependably
  • that effectively teaches a topic in Canadian History or Geography that is of interest to me
  • that has an integrated, interactive electronic story/animation programmed in scratch based on the social studies topic

Curriculum Connections


  • fractions, decimals
  • percents, rates
  • probability
  • pythagorean theorem
  • circles (circumference, area)
  • cylinders (volume, surface area)
  • translation, reflection, rotation


  • systems (inputs / outputs)
  • levers, simple machines


  • reading
  • technical, procedural writing
  • media analysis, creation
  • collaboration
  • oral communication


  • inquiry based topic selection
  • students choose a topic from the curriculum that will form the foundational theme of the pinball game

Design & Technology, Information Technology (DT/IT)

  • programming, animation
  • physical computing
  • 3D design
  • 3D printing
  • safety
  • building
  • hand tools, power tools

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